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Why   Hackers   Suck

I76 Hackers are the scum of the earth. Here are some tips on identifying, and killing them.

Hackers, Hex editors, or whatever they call themselves, are nothing but a bunch of losers who suck too badly to win the fair way. They can't win without cheating, and they think it's funny to kill someone who has no chance at all. There's nothing that will ruin a game like having some asshole with 30 weapon mounts and gigantic tires come in and just sit there while you blast away at them, then they kill you and everyone you ever knew in seconds, not from skill, but by cheating, pure and simple cheating.

Identifying and Exterminating

Hax are often times easily identifiable from a first glance. The hex edited ones in particular. These cars usually have a standard body, like a manta or a bug, but they are raised off the ground 12 feet by gigantic, monster truck tires. They tower above most normal cars. Another distinguishing feature that is common is the number of weapons mounts. Legitimate i76 cars never have more than 5 mounts. These hackers often have 10 or more weapon mounts visible, mounted on every square inch of the car. And they are all linked usually, so when they fire, it looks like the 4th of july. These hax are easy to spot and are very intimidating.

Then there is the 2nd most common type of hacker. The ones who on the outside, appear to be a completely normal car, these are the worst because you don't find out until it is too late. These hax will often say nothing, and fight as though they were just like everyone else, until someone corners them, and unloads, then realizes they did no damage. If you hit them with a ton of rockets and bullets, and they are still white it is pretty obvious what is going on. They are invincible.

Another common type of hacked car is one that can be downloaded from many easily accessed websites, (and to those of you who are going to the search enigines right now to find them, may god have mercy on your souls), is a small car that has no weapons but is invincible. It will usually ram you repeatedly untill you blow up. Other types of hax include, drag racers: cars that can go from one end of the track to the other in .2 seconds, 0 to 120 in 1.2 sec, and cars that have been modified to fly, so if you see a flying bus, don't worry, you have not been staring at your screen too long, (this coming from a guy who is up at 3:30 a.m. writing html code), some hackers have managed to get busses and things to fly.

Taking out the trash

Contrary to popular belief, hackers are not "invincible." Most hackers are not fire proof, and they can be killed using flamers. The reason for this is that most hackers, especially the ones who look like normal cars, have only hacked their armor, not chassis reinforcement, they have something like unlimited, or 2000lbs of armor, and cannot be killed with guns or missles. However, flamethrowers penetrate any armor no matter how heavy, and eat away at the chassis. If you are able to burn them long enough without getting killed yourself, you can destroy them.

Another good way to take out hax is with the trusty 45cal pistol. Car armor does not protect against pistol shots, and if you can get the hax's life meter down to red with a flamer, typically, 5 shots from the pistol will kill the driver. And I guaruntee that nothing in the world pisses a hacker off more than being capped by a little ol' pistol!

If these 2 methods fail or are inconvenient, there are some expiramental methods, these are not guarunteed to work, but the have a better than average chance.

As I mentioned before, most hax have unlimited armor invincibility, but no special chassis reinforcement. This means that while they are impervious to slugs, rockets, and mortars, collisions still cause damage to them. Demolition derby time! Get yourself a dover stag pickup, or some other large heavily armored beast, put on structo bumbers, curb feelers and nitrous, and take almost all of the armor and chassis off of the sides, i reccomend leaving about 20 on each side, and add the extra to the front and back, especially the front. Point that big mother at the hack, hit the nitrous, and ram that son of a bitch head on! Depending on what kind of car they have, and the number of times you ram them, it is possible to kill them from many hard hits, ive had it done to me personally, some big mother in a stag rams my little manta into sardines.

One very important point is the game rule that says "he who flippith over shall die a firey death." I've yet to see the hacker who could solve the problem of automatically dying when you land on your back. All cars blow up when they fip over,and hacks are no exception to the rule,(at least not yet), so take that stag, and whenever an opportunity arises, like a cliff or bridge, or even a small rock, ram them into it, and if you persist enough, you can hit them up into walls or rocks, flipping them over, you don't get credit for the kill, but dead is dead and that's what matters. Also, this is the one and only time i will ever suggest the use of landmines or blox droppers, these do damage to the chassis, and cause the car to fly up in the air,increasing the chance of flipping.

Hacked car image courtesy of Sheriff's Squad anit-hacker gang

Sheriff's Squad