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Special Items Necessary for Survival

Radar Jammers: These little beauties make you invisible to radar temporarily, you only get a few, so use them wisely.

Nitrous Oxide: This is one of the most popular special items in the game. It gives you a 50% increase in accleration and a 20% increase in top speed, lasting 15 seconds. You get 3 charges. A word of caution: these suckers make you go fast, and if you're not careful, you can loose control and go flying.

Blower: I use this myself, it gives you a 25% increase in acceleration, and a 10% increase in top speed, and it lasts until destroyed or removed.

X-Aust Brake: This cuts your braking distance in half.

Structo Bumbers: A must-have item, these double the strength of the front and rear chassis reinforcement, helpful if you tend to run into things a lot,(like me.)

Curb Feelers: These keep you from flipping over when you hit things sideways.

Mud Flaps: These protect your chassis from damage on rough terrain.

Heated Seats: This gives you 10% more ammunition.

Cup Holders: Make you 10% harder to hit, and guard against pistol attacks.

Specials Offered In The Nitro Pack Only

Dashboard Mary: This is a useful tool, it makes your weapons 10% stronger, so they do 10% more damage.

Tire Covers: They don't actually help the tires, but they give you 10% more armor.