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Yep! That's me!

Jumpin' Over The Bridge At Slick Track In My Little Manta

Here Are A Few Tips To Help You Stay On All 4 Tires

There are basically 2 types of drivers in i76. Calculating drivers,and Kamakazi drivers. I myself am basically a Kamakazi driver. What's the difference? Well, style I suppose. For example, say you're driving along a fairly easy road up on a ledge or cliff, not too high, but high enough, and you hear a radar blip, you lock on to the car, and turn around and start heading down the road to where it goes down below you. By most standards, this is the way you do it. Not me! When I get a radar blip below me, I lock onto it, then point my car in the direction of the colored radar lock, and I gun it! I drive right off the edge of the cliff right toward the target, most times I land on my nose, then flatten out and start chasing. But sometimes I flip over and Ka-Boom! Why do I do this? Well its faster for one thing, and, if I go the long way, usually they are gone by the time I get there.

Another example is if i'm in a firefight with someone and they are losing, if they're smart, they take off running, so I chase after them. Now, for some reason, no matter who im chasing, I always catch up. Probably cause I have a blower, and I don't use the brakes, anyway, when I get there, I do one of two things,I either whiz right past em, then slam the e-brake and turn and fire away, or I slamm right into the ass end of em, sometimes knocking them off the edge, or just really pissing them off, either way, I never take my foot off the gas. Crazy? Try it, and you be the judge.

There are a couple of things that are very important when driving out in the deserts of i76.

Rule #1: SLOW THE HELL DOWN! Keep it under 150mph sometimes! It is important to stay on the road because rough terrain hurts your chassis, and cliffs appear out of nowhere. When driving on normal roads, dirt or paved, I usually keep it under 110mph. A good beginners speed to travel most roads is 70 or 80mph. I usually go about 90 to 100mph on normal roads.

Rule #2: USE THE REVERSE KEY! That's what it's there for! Now, I'll be honest, I don't use the reverse key as much as I should, but I do use it. Many times you'll find youreself up against a cliff or something, and trying to drive forward passed it will only result in severe chassis damage from all the times you run head first into the cliff trying to get passed it, I know from expiriance, when you reconfigure you controls to be comfortable, put the reverse key somewhere convienient, you will need it.

Rule #3: This rule is more of a tip. Use the E-brake and the normal brake together, push them at the same time and your stopping distance will improve a lot, remember, it's a game, so don't be afraid to try things you'd never do in a real car.