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Important Tips & Info

Here are some things I forgot to mention in net melee survival.


First of all, I need to mention armor. Armor can mean the difference between a dead vigilante and a live one.

All cars come with a set amount of armor and chassis reinforcement, most have either 20,40, 60, or even 80lbs on each side.

Because most fights are either a chase, or a stand off, you need to move most of your armor to the front and back of the car, especially the front because of the engine.

Armor protects you from weapons while chassis reinforcement guards against collisions. Since most of you danger comes from weapons, it is a good idea to take armor from the chassis and put it on the front and back armor. But, you should leave at least 20lbs on each side of the chassis to protect from slamming into cliffs, walls, and other cars. I would also strongly recommend the use of structo bumpers, which increase the front and back chassis.

I recommend for cars with 40lbs on each side, at least 120 on the front, 75 on back, 25 on the sides, and at least 20 on each side for chassis.


I'm not going to get all technical and talk about latensy and how it's the time it takes for information to pass from one computer to another blah blah blah. But, I will tell you the signs of bad lag and what to do about it.

Signs that you are expiriencing bad lag include: Choppy or slow movement, cars jumping all over, dissapearing and reappearing somewhere else, like they teleported, the inability to hit anyone, or damage on people not showing up on the life meter.

When you have a slow internet connection or when the server is crowded, or when there is a lot of cars in one game, the lag can get pretty bad, but sometimes lag is a problem even if you have a good connection speed.

One thing that comes up a lot, is when you shoot at a car, and you see a direct hit to him, and you hit him and hit him and keep hitting him, but he shows no signs of damage, his life bar remains white no matter what you hit him with. First things first, calm down, this is normal, the guy is not necessarily hacking, and accusing a vetran player of hacking when he's not makes them REALLY angry. So before you jump to conclusions consider this:

When lag gets real bad, it takes a lot longer for the information to get from one cpu to another one. So, say for example a car is driving by you. You see what you think is him, but because of the lag, by the time you see him, the ACTUAL car has already past where you see, and it just took longer for it to get to you, so he's already gone. Shooting at the car you see, even if you think you hear and see a hit, you actually missed, you merely shot the picture of his car that already went by and got to you too late. So in essence, you're shooting behind him where he was a second ago, but the delay causes you to see it after it happens. So if you hit a guy a whole bunch and he doesn't get hurt, don't call him a hacker, unless you have other proof, you actually never hit him.

Luckily, there is a cure for this particular problem. It's a wonderful tactic known as, "Lag Aiming" Basically, when you notice cars popping all over the place, or you can't seem to damage someone who is hurt or killed by others, instead of shooting at him, shoot in front of him. The car you see is a few seconds behind his actual car, so shoot ahead of what you see. It may sound nuts to intentionally miss him, but you wont. Sometimes the lag is so bad, that shots you hit him with won't register untill later. It's a common thing I expirience, i'll be shooting at some guy, blasting away, then he gets a few good hits in, so I start evasives(running away), and all of a sudden, boom!!, "so and so was killed by Voodoochild" , and it's like "really?" "well Ill be damned!"

Even if his car is not lagged, shooting ahead of him from a distance is a good idea anyway because he will usually run into your shot, unless it's a missle.

Death Machine explains lag much better than I do

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