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Staying    Alive    and    Funky

There are 3 rules you must know to survive in i76 net melee games.

Rule #1

"Radar is our friend". Radar,(the little blinking beeping lights on the over head display), allows you to find, and get a target lock on creepers.Unfortunately, the creepers also have radar which means they can get a lock on you, and Bar-B-Q your ass if your'e not careful. There are a couple of problems with using radar in net games: first, there are some people who will take advantage of radar by "cheesing." Cheesing is linking 4 of the same kind of weapon together, so they fire simultaniously. A common practice among net players is to link 4 Dr.Radar missles together. Now on an average car, 4 Dr.Radars will kill you with one hit! Even if you have lots of armor. Plus, because they are radar guided, they can fire in a completely opposite direction from you, and swing around and kill you. However, the folks at activision were kind enough to put a radar lock detection system in the cars. When a missle has radar lock and is coming to hit you, you will hear a buzzing sound. After that you have about 3/4 of a second before you are hit.This brings us to our 2nd rule.

Rule #2

"Shut off your engine" It is only possible to get a radar lock on a car whose engine is running. So, when someone has a radar lock on you, or more precisely, when you hear that annoying little beep, as quickly as you can, shut off your engine, slam on the breaks, and spin around. This will not ALWAYS keep you from being hit but it gives you a better that average chance. Depending on how far away the shooter is, and how quickly you react, it is possible that they will miss. The missles loose their radar lock, and go skidding into a hill. Spinning around helps if they rockets are pointed right at you, they will hit you if you don't move, lock or no lock. The problem is, that almost all other net players know about this, and the more expirianced ones have their engines off most of the time, allowing inertia to keep them moving, so its impossible to get a lock on them for more than a second or two. That,s why weapons that rely on radar such as 4-get-u-not missles and turrets, are not a good idea, you'll be spending the whole time trying to get a lock, meanwhile, old mister creeper is shoving a rocket up your tail pipe and laughing about what a stupid newbie you are. So, I would recommend sticking to weapons that fire forward only, use your pistol for side shots, and rely on your driving abilities rather than radar technology to save your ass.

RULE #3 "Use the E-Brake" The E-Brake is probably the most useful tool you have on the car next to radar. Most of the time, your opponents are trying to get you in front of them so they can shoot you. This usually means they drive around and around you, trying to shoot you in the ass. Of course, you also drive around and around trying to keep them from shooting you in the ass, so you go around in circles never gaining the advantage. The best thing to do is accelerate a little, then hit the E-Brake and turn at the same time, this will spin the car around so that you are facing them. The other really good thing the E-Brake does is in a high speed chase, someone is behind you and your'e both doing 120 mph, you slam on the e-brake, put it in reverse, and you can drive away from them backwards, shooting the whole time,(believe me, this works).