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(Above) That's me stopping off for a mondo burger and a slurpy after a hard day's drive.

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About uhh..., four or five months ago,(i think), I discovered the greatest game in the history of the world. Interstate 76'. There's not much story behind it, I just played, got my ass kicked, and was hooked for life! I spend most of my time playing i76, jamming on my guitar, or working on this web page for all you ungrateful newbie scumbags out there who need the tips!(j/k). I dont have a job,I leech off my parents and the economy created by millions of hardworking stiffs who fight for space on the freeways everyday. My hobbies include: Heavy drinking, harassing bicycle cops, listening to Dennis Leary point out all the things that are wrong with America, bitching about the swarms of bleeding heart environmentalists who would like to destroy civilization so that we can all live in the woods and eat grass, and video taping people in their cars at night.

I drive a lot of different cars in i76, but this is one of my favorites. My blue Phaedara Rattler,(pictured above.) There's nothing stock on this baby, 16inch billets, 595 cubic inch v-10, Ether X Rally suspension, Blower, the works. No weapons on her though, I don't like to get holes in her, she's a racer, pure fast and simple. Anyway, I hope to see you out there on the net. If you are a newbie and ya don't say anything, i'll probably blow you straight to hell, but if you tell me i'll go easy,(depending on my mood), and if your'e a veteran, well feel free to blow me away, but beware, i plan to fight back! Either way, if you see me say "hello". I usually play in the Nitro games on the Cali3 server, and I regularly host battles and races out there in the badlands, so see ya on the road!

P.S. Drive Offensively!

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