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Frequently Annoying Questions

Q: Why am I constantly flipping over? What can I do about it?

A: There are lots of reasons why you flip over in i76. "Rolling" or flipping over is most commonly caused by the fact that the i76 terrain is rocky as hell and changes right in front of you. Another major factor in flipping is the way you have your armor/chassis reinforcement balanced, cars that are not balanced evenly will flip very easily. The only thing I can suggest to avoid flipping over is to get curb feelers, these help prevent rolling and cut down on damage from scraping rocks, Or, try driving on the road, off-road driving is hard on the chassis anyway, and its a lot easier to flip off road.

Q: Why can't I seem to get a radar lock on anyone in net games?

A: They have their engines off.

Q: If they have their engines off, how come they are moving so fast?

A: Simple, depending on the level you are playing, driving up steep hills, shutting down, and then coasting will give you enough momentum to go at a good speed without starting up. Another method is to use nitrous oxide. Hit the nitrous, run a few seconds to build up speed, then shut down. You can coast at up to 120mph for 2 to 3 minutes without using your engine, the drawback is that once you hit nitrous, it floods the engine so you can't start up again for a few minutes.

Q: My engine is off, but creepers are still able to hit me with missles from far away, how?

A: They are most likely using Aim-Nien missles. These missles are heat-seeking, so radar is unneccessary, they track the engine's heat signature. However, they can only track the front or back of a car, not the sides, so if you know someone is using them, try turning your car quickly when they are in range. Also, if they are pointed directly at you, a Dr.Radar will still run into you even without a lock, so move your ass!

Q: Which of the car views is best for Net play?

A: It depends on your style of driving, and on your computer's performance. The standard view, F1, showing the car front and dashboard, is not very favorable because it restricts the view of the road greatly. But, some people like the realistic car feel of it, and the fact that you can see your 45. when you use it. The problem is this view does not allow very good view of the road, making driving more difficult, and flipping is common because you can't see changes in terrain. The F2 view, above the car, gives very good visibility, you can see all around you, and you can see shots being fired behind you, and whether or not they are hitting you. However, this view tends to have a very slow frame rate on some video cards. A 2 or 4 meg card should run it well considering your ram and processor speeds are high. Also, it does not give much in the way of accuracy for shoot, because there are no crosshairs. The 2nd F1 in-car view is the one I use most. It offers the same view as the regular F1, but without showing the dash or the front of the car. All you see is your gauges and the crosshairs. The view of the road is very low and open so you can see every change in terrain. Also, the frame rate is very good even in high resolutions. Some drivers dislike the close to the ground floating feeling, but you get used to it, and the speed makes up for it, driving strait and very fast, especially with nitro, makes for a good rush in this view, you can see the ground moving past you at an incredible rate of speed. The only problem with this view is when you fall, or have a collision that throws you up in the air, your view is up to the sky, so you can't see much of what going on, and this makes it harder to recover.

Images courtesy of the I76 Brotherhood