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Some info on the different weapons availible to you in i76.

Machine Guns: The 30cal,50cal, and 7.62mm machine guns are high capasity, rapid firing weapons.All are available as turrets. These guns are good for wearing down armor, or killing with full out head on barrages. While the 30cal is rather weak, the 50cal and 7.62mm are quite strong. With 2 or more of these linked, they are very affective, providing you can keep a steady bead on the enemy.

Cannons: The 20mm,25mm,and 30mm cannon are some of my personal favorites. They fire a semi-automatic blast that hits really hard from almost any range. The 20mm is fairly weak but shoots faster than the 25 or 30mm. The 25mm and 30mm both pack a wallop, and when linked together, can give you a very nice edge. They hold a large ammount of ammo, and are good for up to 500 meters. If the speed bothers you, try linking a 25mm and a 30mm together, you don't get as much fire power as 2 30mms, but the different firing speeds causes them to act like full auto, firing a constant bead.

Missles: There are 3 kinds of missles availible in melee. The Fire-rite rocket, the Aim-nien, and the Dr. Radar missle. Fire-rites come in a multiple launcher that holds 60 rockets, they fire very quickly and in quick succession, unfortunately, they are rather weak, and you have to aim them perfectly strait to hit anything. Aim-niens are a good choice, popular among vetran players, they are heat seeking. Aim-niens will track a car even if it's engine is off. But, they only track the front or back of a car, not the side. The Dr.Radar is another favorite, especially among cheezers who link 4 of them together like one big nuke. Dr.Radars track only on a running engine with a radar lock. They hit hard and take very little skill to aim. In fact, in some situations, you can fire forward, and hit a car behind you. unfortunately for rocket jockeys, you only get 10 shots.

Flamers: These are a close range weapon, that will penetrate any armor and eat away at the chassis. Flamers are rather difficult to use well because they shoot a constant stream that doesn't hardly move, and has little range. However, these will stand up to any armor if you can get close enough. The flamethrower, gas launcher, and napalm hose are all very similar, but the flame ball shoots a small ball of fire. These are strong, but they shoot slowly and not very acurately.

Mortars: These are deadly weapons, that all happen to be a pain in the ass to use. Some people will load up a car with 4 of them, this makes you very unpopular, and really pisses people off because you end up blowing everything all to hell, and making major lag. Mortars fire shells that explode when they hit the ground. They shoot very far and take a lot of practice to aim. The HE mortar, Wp mortar, and Ez-kill mortar are all one shot wonders. The cluster bomb however is another story. It fires a shot that spits out several smaller mortars, causing a deadly mess of explosions all around, don't get caught in the middle of one of these. Chemical mortars are usually banned in net games. They fire a single shot that hits the ground, then turns into a cloud of green smoke, anyone who passes through it dies, it basically eats the car. Plus, the cloud has a tendency to hang around for long periods of time.

Droppers: At one time, I hated droppers. But since changing cars,(I drive a little Palimino now with only 2 front weapon mounts), I've come to rely on them greatly. Droppers are exactly that, they drop stuff on the road behind them, oil slicks, caltrops, landmines, blox, fire, ect. Oil slicks are not much danger unless you are going very fast, they just make your car slip and slide around , fire drops can seem harmless, but if you linger too long in them, you die, simple as that. Also, fire has a tendency to dissapear, but still be there to get you, so watch out. Caltrops are a bitch, they look like jacks in the road, and they flatten tires almost instantly, and flat tires in combat are a very bad thing, very annoying too. Blox droppers put little cement blox in the road, they cause damage to the chassis if run over. Landmines are explosives that blow when run over. The scourge of net play, landmines and blox droppers are banned in many net games due to the horrid lag they cause.

The hand held 45cal auto: This seems weak but is a great little thing to have in the glove compartment. If an opponent's life meter is red, typically 5 shots from the pistol will kill the driver, leaving the car for salvage, (salvage only applies in trip not multiplayer games.) You know they are dead when the car stops, and the sound of the dead driver falling on the horn is heard.

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